The End of Orphan Black

"Orphan Black," the long-running sci-fi series on BBC America, wrapped up last night. The show spanned five seasons and 50 episodes, and became something of a cult favorite. And many wondered how it would end.

For me, the first season was an engrossing and nearly perfect mystery. The second season was solid, too, then I felt the show got a little lost. I stuck with it to see where it would go, but I thought the latter seasons waned in quality. Still, it was interesting to see how the series would wrap up.

The finale, like the last few seasons, was uneven. The first half hour was the climactic battle between Sarah and her creators and Neolution. Then, the final 30 minutes was a sort of personal wrap up on the characters that felt like it wanted to be more emotional than it was for me. It was OK, but it was a sort of quiet-open-ended, life goes on kind of feel. In this day and age of shows getting a second life, maybe that's for the best.

But here's my take aways from the series.

* Tatiana Maslany is an incredible actress. She played so many different characters in the series, often in the same scene, and yet each of them feels unique. It's a masterful piece of acting and I can't wait to see what she does next.

* The personal moments of this series worked the best. Whether it was Sarah and Felix with their mother, or each other; or the great relationship between Alison and Donny, that is what I will carry away.

* The weird science cult aspect never felt fully formed or resolved. It felt like they were trying to do something big with that, but it just never quite worked for me as I expected in the end.

* This was something truly original, and something we could use more of on TV.

* The "Hobbit"-esque turn of Helena writing this story was pretty funny.

Love "Orphan Black?" Have thoughts on the finale? Hit me up in the comments.


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