So You Miss Football?

We're in July, about the time when people start jonesing for football. Wait, does that not happen for you? Is it just me? Well, I'm going to operate under the assumption I'm not alone.

But never fear, while real football doesn't start until September, and pre-season doesn't start until August, there are still ways to get your fix. Here's three series that can help fill that football-shaped hole in your life.

All Or Nothing (Amazon)
Premiered Friday, June 30
Two Seasons Available on Amazon Prime
About: This series from NFL films, and narrated by Jon Hamm, follows one team through an entire season, giving people all access to the life of a team during an NFL season. It debuted last summer, following the 2015 season for the Arizona Cardinals. The second season, which debuted 10 days ago, follows the 2016 season for the Los Angeles Rams. Now, the Rams had a 4-12 season, so it's not great football. But the eight episodes (which carry through the off-season and the most recent draft) are still a fascinating and easy watch. If you are missing the NFL, this will get you right back in that sweet spot.

Last Chance U (Netflix)
Season 2 Premiers Friday, July 21
Season One Available on Netflix
About: This series debuted last summer, a short six-episode documentary about a junior college you've probably never heard of. But what you get in this series is a fascinating story about the coaches and administrators pouring into the lives of students who want to make it to the NFL but need a helping hand. Maybe they washed out at a major college. Maybe they don't know how to be a student. Maybe they just need more structure to realize their talent. Either way, this was a treasure last summer and I'm excited to see the second season.

Hard Knocks (HBO)
Season 11 premiers Tuesday, August 8 featuring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Previous Seasons available on HBOGo
About: "Hard Knocks" is the original NFL series. It's been going since 2001, and it's by far one of the best parts of the pre-season. Each year this series goes behind the scenes at training camp, prepping you for the season. This year it's the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, an up-and-coming team. This won't start until closer to the season, but it's the perfect way to fill out your week as you prepare for Kick-Off 2017. Narrated by Liev Schreiber, this is a must-watch for football fans.


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