Keep the Bubble Intact

We're rapidly approaching D-Day, the time when networks have to make decisions on all the shows whose fate has't been revealed. With the first Upfront presentation dropping a week from Sunday night. Today and tomorrow I'm looking a shows that haven't been renewed or cancelled yet, and will be making my pitch about why their bubble should survive or be allowed to burst.

Today, it's the pitch for shows I'd like to see continue.

Of course, prior to Monday, I would have had "Pitch" on this list. It was a series that started with an awesome pilot and, of course, a sometimes uneven first season. It didn't get great ratings, but I thought it had great potential. Sadly, FOX didn't agree.

Without further ado, here's the list.

Brooklyn Nine Nine, FOX
About: This is probably the most obvious choice on this list, and the one I most fully expect to be picked up. But it hasn't been yet, and it's ratings have it in bubble territory. "Brooklyn Nine Nine," while one of the best comedies on TV, has never been a ratings powerhouse. But FOX hasn't exactly helped it, moving it all around the schedule, often in difficult time slots, and without much fanfare. The show also took a really long break this year and still came back with quality. Plus, FOX needs some kind of veteran sitcom to pair with "The Mick" next year, and odds are "New Girl" isn't coming back (or is coming back for a limited final season). "Brooklyn Nine Nine" still has life left in it and it deserves more time.

iZombie, The CW
About: Here's another reliable performer with little fanfare that is still more likely than not to come back. This is a show that has been under the radar its whole time on the air, but it's done a good job of building characters and its world. The CW has a couple prestige shows that don't draw ratings, "Supernatural," which has been on for nearly a decade and a half and still going strong, and a bunch of DC Comics series. But beyond that, it's struggled to find shows that capture an audience. "Riverdale" started strong and fell off, and "The 100" is a niche show. Why not keep "iZombie" as a niche show with a passionate following, too. Especially since the network's new shows have, mostly, fallen flat.

Timeless, NBC
About: This is the biggest long-shot. Common sense says that this bubble show is cancelled. It had a shortened first season, its ratings declined, and we've heard nothing since it went off the air in January. Plus, while time travel series were all the rage heading into this fall season, none of them have worked. "Frequency" is cancelled. "Time After Time" is cancelled." And "Making History" is about to be history. But "Timeless" has the formula and, more importantly, the characters to make it a little longer. Was the first season uneven? Sure, but I think it finished in a good place and has the potential to have a strong second season. It just needs a chance.


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