Upcoming Releases — April 2017

With April comes a mix of religious themed films, since Easter is only 16 days away, and some blockbusters as we get ready for summer. This includes the latest in the "Fast & Furious" franchise!

Friday, April 7:
Going In Style – Last year "Hell or High Water" was about a pair of brothers tired of being screwed over by the banking system that decided to do something about it. "Going In Style," featuring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin, won't be that serious, but it aims to strike a similar thematic aim. Directed by Zach Braff it looks like a fun and funny film that also takes a look at how banks and corporations have harmed middle America.

The Case For Christ — This is based on the story of Lee Strobel, the reporter who began investigating the Gospel only to become a true believer. This is perfectly timed for the beginning of Holy Week.

Smurfs: The Lost Village — This is the latest "Smurfs" film, this one totally animated and featuring a story about a tribe of lady Smurfs.  A good option for the kids.

Friday, April 14:
Fate of the Furious — This is the eighth film in the "Fast & Furious" franchise. This is the first without Paul Walker, and the trailer indicates our hero, Dom (Vin Diesel), has turned villain. Color me intrigued.

Spark — This is another animated film based on a popular property. More family-friendly entertainment.

Friday, April 21:
Unforgettable — A fatal attraction story gone wrong where a man and his new wife (Rosario Dawson) are haunted and tormented by his first wife (Katherine Heigl).

Born in China — This is the latest documentary from Disney Nature, this one set in China and featuring some cute Panda Bears.

The Promise — This is a high concept drama with a killer cast, including Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale. It's about medical students, a journalist and the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Free Fire — Another film with a good cast and simple concept — a gun deal gone wrong that erupts in violence. This one comes from producer Martin Scorsese.

Friday, April 28:
The Circle — Based on the novel by Dave Eggers, and featuring a cast that includes Emma Watson and Tom Hanks, this looks like one of the more intriguing movies of the month.

Sleight — This is the story of a street magician (Jacob Lattimore) forced into a life of crime to care for his little sister.

How To Be A Latin Lover — A broad comedy featuring Kristen Bell and Rob Lowe. This is a little counter programming for the month.


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