The Fun on TGIT

"You know what I wanna do? I wanna run away." — Benjamin,  "The Catch"

The latest iteration of TGIT — Thank God It's Thursday — debuted two nights ago. It's become ABC's signature night courtesy of producer Shonda Rhimes. The regulars include "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scandal." In the fall, the night includes "How To Get Away With Murder," which offers the better pedigree.

But if you're looking for the most fun, I turn to "The Catch," which bowed last spring and is back now for its second season. It has the one thing missing from the rest of the TGIT lineup — fun.

The series, which stars Mirelle Enos and Peter Krause, is about a private security company head who falls for a con man. In the first season she nearly lost everything, but her con-man fiance actually fell for her. As the season progressed, the characters got better defined and the show pulled me in.

It feels like something a little lighter and different. "Grey's Anatomy" occasionally has humor, but it's far from light-hearted. "Scandal" verges on the ridiculous, but it's certainly not light-hearted. And "How to Get Away With Murder" might be one of the most dour shows on the air in terms of tone.

That's what makes "The Catch" different. It's a breezy series that you can jump into and enjoy with a little popcorn. That doesn't make it incredible, but it does make it a nice change-of-pace from the rest of the lineup.

On a night that can sometimes be a tough slog to watch, this one keeps it light and fun.


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