The Oscars — My Predictions

It's time, once again, for the Academy Awards. And, as always, my quest to go 24-for-24 begins again. Below are my predictions for tonight's awards.

Best Picture:
Will Win — La La Land
About: Quite simply, "La La Land" was my favorite film of the year. It's a stunning masterpiece, and I think it will have quite a night.

Best Actor:
Will Win: Denzel Washington, "Fences"
About: This is a tough category, and I love all the nominated performances. I think Casey Affleck might have given the best performance, but it feels like Denzel has the momentum right now.

Best Actress:
Will Win: Emma Stone
About: Another tough category, but Stone has been the favorite all season for her beautiful, bubbly performance in "La La Land."

Best Supporting Actor:
Will Win: Mahershala Ali, "Moonlight"
About: He gave one of the most beautiful and nuanced performances of the year. I loved his work in a movie that wasn't my favorite. He should win.

Best Supporting Actress:
Will Win: Viola Davis
About: Davis was practically a co-lead, something that gives her and edge here. It also helps that she gave a powerful and beautiful performance in a role that was a true acting showcase.

Best Director:
Will Win: Damien Chazelle, "La La Land"
About: Chazelle did a brilliant job with this film, which is a nod to classic Hollywood and one of the most beautiful films I've seen in years.

Best Original Screenplay:
Will Win — Kenneth Lonergan, "Manchester By the Sea"
About: I wouldn't be surprised to see Chazelle win here, but I think Lonergan gets the nod as the Academy spreads the love among some talented filmmakers.

Best Adapted Screenplay:
Will Win — Barry Jenkins and Tarrell Alvin McCraney, "Moonlight"
About: "Moonlight" is a beautiful film and a Best Picture contender, and I think its script will win here.

Best Animated Feature:
Will Win: Zootopia
About: Gut call here, but I think "Zootopia's" themes help to bring this to the top.

Best Documentary Feature:
Will Win — O.J.: Made in America
About: This was, quite simply, the documentary of the year.

Best Foreign Language Feature:
Will Win — "The Salesman," Iran
About: Given the current cultural climate, and the quality of this feature, this feels like a lock.

Best Documentary Short Subject:
Will Win — Joe's Violin
About: Call me sentimental, but I loved this story. This is more of a wish than a certainty.

Best Animated Short Subject:
Will Win — Piper
About: When in doubt, go "Pixar"

Best Live Action Short Subject:
Will Win — Ennemis Interieurs

Best Editing:
Will Win — La La Land
About: I think this goes with the Best Picture winner

Best Cinematography:
Will Win — Bradford Young, "Arrival"
About: I wouldn't be surprised to hear a couple of these called, but I think "Arrival" gets in the game here.

Best Original Score
Will Win — La La Land
About: There's some great nominees here, but "La La Land" takes it.

Best Original Song:
Will Win — "City of Stars," La La Land
About: Personally, I loved "Audition," the other nominee. I would love for that to win, but I think "City of Stars" takes it.

Best Production Design:
Will Win — La La Land
About: The rising tide lifts all boats.

Best Costume Design:
Will Win — La La Land
About: Again, I think the love for this film carries the day here.

Best Makeup and Hairstyle
Will Win – Star Trek Beyond
About: It's a weird category. I think this gets the nod over "Suicide Squad."

Best Visual Effects:
Will Win — Dr. Strange
About: This will probably go to "The Jungle Book," which was a critical favorite. But I loved "Dr. Strange," and I think it should win.

Best Sound Editing:
Will Win — Hacksaw Ridge
About: La La Land or Arrival could win here, but I'm giving the edge to the war movie, "Hacksaw Ridge," as this could be a place where the Academy spreads the love.

Best Sound Mixing:
Will Win — Hacksaw Ridge
About: A lot of times those sound awards go together, so I'm picking it that way here. Though, again, "La La Land" or "Arrival" could easily sneak in here.

That's it! Tune in for the show, beginning at 8:30 p.m. EST.


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