Super Bowl Thoughts

Well, that was interesting. Just like many expected, the New England Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl on Sunday. But the flow of the game was unlike anyone expected. Here's some of my thoughts on the conclusion of the NFL season.

* The half time show was epic. Lady Gaga was a great choice, and delivered an incredible show. To that point, I thought the half time show might be the best part of the game.

* Other entertainment wasn't great. The commercials are always a big part of what makes the day go. These were more of a shoulder shrug.

* This was a boring game, until it wasn't. Through three quarters, this game mirrored much of the 2016 season playoffs. It was a blowout that wasn't a lot of fun to watch. The Falcons led 28-3 at one point, then 28-9 heading into the final frame.

* This was an epic comeback, but it was also an epic choke job. The Falcons seemed to take their foot off the gas way too early. That, coupled with untimely penalties and some bad plays opened the door. And the Patriots took full advantage.

* But New England still won it. The team needed a field goal and two touchdowns with two point conversions just to tie. And they did it. That took a pretty remarkable effort.

* Overtime rules may need a tweak. I like the idea that each team gets a shot, which doesn't happen when a touchdown is the first score. That was the case on Sunday, and it seemed a shame. I would have liked to see the Falcons get a chance to try and even it up.

* This puts the GOAT question to rest. Tom Brady probably was before Sunday, but now with his fifth Super Bowl ring and seemingly no end in sight, he's the greatest we've ever seen.

* The Falcons are hard to read. With most of the offensive coaching staff heading out, it's easy to see Atlanta following a similar path to the Carolina Panthers in their post-Super Bowl season.

* Our long winter begins. That was it for meaningful football until the Hall of Fame game in early August. Settle in for six months without the game we cherish.


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