Super Bowl LI Pick

The dream has died. Heading into the Championship Games I was 8–0 in the playoffs, chasing the elusive 11–0 playoff run. Instead, I got the goose egg two weeks ago, and now the best I can hope for is to right the ship with the Super Bowl.

Where did it go wrong? Well, it’s sort of hard to say. I believed in the power of the Packers and the Steelers, both riding ridiculous winning streaks. But that magic ran out, as both teams were, essentially, blown out. I still can’t help but wonder if that game would have been different had Le’Veon Bell not gotten injured, but it’s time to focus on what is, not what might have been.
And that means Tom Brady solidifying his status as the Greatest Of All Time at the quarterback position. As a life-long Broncos fan it hurts to say that, but the numbers speak for themselves. And if (when) he wins his fifth ring on Sunday, it will be even more impossible to argue against.
With that, it’s on to the pick!

Also, Lindsay went 1-1 on Championship Sunday, so we are again tied. Since we both picked the Patriots, we will end the season tied.

New England Patriots (14–2) at Atlanta Falcons (11–5)
About: This is a game that has the highest over/under point total in history. And why not. Both the Falcons and Patriots have put up a lot of points, and it’s reasonable to expect a shoot out. I certainly do. I saw what Atlanta did to the Packers, but I still don’t believe in their defense. The Patriots have an OK defense, but this isn’t like the Broncos last year or the Seahawks a few years before that. This is a game about quarterbacks and offensive weapons. It’s about Brady, Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Julian Edelman, Dion Lewis, Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. There will be points. I have spent the time since Championship Sunday trying to make a case for the Falcons to myself. I really just don’t buy it. Now, part of that is probably because I’ve dismissed the Falcons all season. I never thought they were that great, and at nearly every step I expected them to falter. I still do. And I’m not alone. But maybe that’s the case for the Falcons. They have been a good team all season, but they’ve been dismissed all season by most everyone. But you get the sense the players in that locker room and head coach Dan Quinn believe. And they certainly have the offensive weapons to put up points, which gives them a chance. But I come back to Bill Bellichick and Brady, who are entering their seventh Super Bowl together. Seven. That’s a wealth of experience that can’t be topped. I dismissed the Patriots two weeks ago, and that was a mistake. One I won’t make again. Roger Goodell’s nightmare is real, the Patriots are winning Super Bowl LI.
The Pick: Patriots 37, Falcons 34
Lindsay's Pick: Patriots

Last Week: 0–2
Lindsay: 1-1

Season: 171–95
Lindsay: 171-95


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