2017 Broncos Season — Off-Season Priorities

The Broncos 2016 season didn't end as they'd hoped. The team finished 9-7, missed the playoffs, and saw their coaching staff leave. Now there's a new staff in place, and Free Agency is just around the corner. If the Broncos want to contend again, they need to make some moves.

Here's a look at the top off-season priorities for this team.

* Pick a quarterback. The rumors persist that the Broncos will acquire Tony Romo. Personally, I think that's fool-hardy. The coaches have said that Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch will be in an open competition. Others have suggested the team will sign another veteran or draft a quarterback. Right now it's a mess, and it needs to be sorted out.

* Fix the lines. The Broncos' offensive and defensive lines were woeful in 2016, and that has to be job one. Donald Stephenson is likely gone, which is ideal, and Russell Okung probably won't be back. The Broncos took a gamble on the offensive line last year, and it didn't pan out. They must do better, both in free agency and in the draft. In addition, with Sylvester Williams moving on the Broncos could stand to pick up a stout defensive end and badly need a run stuffer in the middle. Games are won and lost in the trenches, and the Broncos need to fix both of theirs.

* Upgrade at tight end. A tight end can be a quarterback's best friend, especially a young quarterback. Help them out by getting a playmaker. My ideal choice is Martellus Bennett to go along with AJ Derby. The Broncos are reportedly considering moving on from Virgil Green, but I'd like to see him kept for his blocking ability.

* Get some Special Teams help. The Broncos haven't had a decent return game in a while. Jordan Norwood was a bust last season, so the Broncos need someone who's a treat and gives them a dimension of depth there. Good returns can be an offense's best friend. We need a returner.

* Don't upset the Apple Cart. Rumors persist that the Broncos will look at returning to a 4-3. That's a mistake. They don't have the personnel and it would be hard to transition. Pick up some pieces, re-tool, but don't re-make a defense that was championship caliber in 2016.


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