Wild Card Weekend Roundup

Can anyone remember a worse Wild Card weekend? We had four games that, even going into the weekend, didn't seem like great match ups. But there was one hope — the Giants at the Packers....

The Giants-Packers game was good for a half. But as the first half drew to a close, Aaron Rodgers connected with Randall Cobb on a Hail Mary. It made the score 14-6, giving the Packers an eight point lead. Yet, when the cameras went to the sideline to see the Giants players and one of them was crying. It was at that point that I was sure the Giants were screwed.

That proved true in the second half, as the Packers won 38-13... So much for our one good game.

Here's some other take aways:

* The Steelers are really good. They were better than I thought in pounding the Dolphins, who also might be worse than I thought.

* The Lions have no heart. The Lions were once 9-4. They ended the season 9-8 with four straight losses, counting the playoffs. And though the Seahawks weren't incredible, it was a 26-6 final score that was listless.

* Brock Osweiler might not be useless. It pains me to say that, but he actually played well against a decent Raiders team. Not that it will help next weekend.

Which leads me to where we go from here...

The Division Round is set, and it looks like we might have a couple more dud games. I'll have previews later in the week, but if you have better opportunities on Saturday night during the Texans-Patriots game, go for it. The Patriots could sit Tom Brady and still win by 30...


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