Upcoming Releases - January

It's a new year, and that means new movies. January is a fickle month, full of wide releases of award-contending films that received small releases in December. And it's also a time of new mainstream releases that have little to no aspirations. Think low-budget horror and films that the studio realized would be duds. It's a mixed bag. Here's a look at what's coming the next four Fridays.

Friday, January 6:
Hidden Figures - This is a true story about the women behind the men at NASA during the space race. It's gotten plenty of awards buzz and could be one of the most fun movies this awards season.

A Monster Calls - This family story, about a boy who calls on a monster to cope with the loss of his mother (Felicity Jones), has gotten some awards buzz and critical acclaim. Could be a fun and moving family film.

Underworld:Blood Wars - This is yet another film in the "Underworld" franchise. Kate Beckinsale is back for another turn. Remember what I said about those other January movies...

Friday, January 13:
Live By Night - This was a late potential entry into awards season, and it hasn't gotten that Best Picture kind of buzz. This is based on a novel and directed by Ben Affleck, who also stars. It looks like a good crime drama, something Affleck the director has excelled at in the past.

Patriot's Day - Another late entry into awards season, this drama from director Peter Berg and star Mark Wahlberg tackles the Boston marathon bombing. Looks pretty powerful.

Monster Trucks - This is about what it sounds like, monsters disguised as trucks running around. It's aimed at family audiences and looks like a rental at best.

Sleepless - This Jamie Foxx film is an action story about an undercover cop who is on a mission to rescue his son. Foxx is a decent action hero, so there's some potential for this to be a fun alternative to some of the heavier January releases.

The Bye Bye Man - January is a favorite destination for low-budget horror films. This will be the latest entry.

Friday, January 20:
The Founder - I have been waiting for this movie for almost a year. It was originally set to bow in August 2016, then pushed to fall, then pushed to January. It stars Michael Keaton as the man who built McDonald's into a national brand. It's the most excited I've been about McDonald's in my entire life.

Split - This multiple personality thriller comes from writer/director M. Night Shymalan and stars James McAvoy. The trailer looks engaging and I think this could be a fascinating film.

XXX-The Return of Xander Cage - Another "XXX" film, this one with Vin Diesel back in the starring role. I'm trying to get excited, but it's just not happening. If you're a fan of the franchise, you're welcome. If you're looking for a fun action film, I'd rather bet on "Sleepless."

Friday, January 27:
Gold - Another potential award season film, this one starring Matthew McCounaghey as a shady gold dealer. It's hard to get a read on this one, but there's potential here.

A Dog's Purpose - Get the Kleenex ready. This one follows a dog through a number of its lives as it finds its way back to its original owner, who is now a lonely man looking for some spark in his life. I'm a sucker for these kind of films.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - The last few "Resident Evil" films have seemed like the last one, but this one promises that it finally is. These films have never been great, but I kind of enjoy the ride. I'm curious to see where this one heads in its "final chapter."


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