Playoff Predictions

The NFL Playoffs are upon us. We have just 12 teams and 11 games left between us and the off-season. Surprisingly, for as wrong as I was about a lot of this NFL season, my pre-season Super Bowl teams are still alive. But will I pick them again? Time to find out.

AFC Teams:                                                        NFC Teams:
1. New England Patriots                                    1. Dallas Cowboys
2. Kansas City Chiefs                                         2. Atlanta Falcons
3. Pittsburgh Steelers                                         3. Seattle Seahawks
4. Houston Texans                                              4. Green Bay Packers
5. Oakland Raiders                                             5. New York Giants
6. Miami Dolphins                                              6. Detroit Lions

Wild Card Round:
* Texans Over Raiders: I really don't want to pick Brock Osweiler, and I certainly won't be watching this dog of a game, but I think the Texans have the better team at home facing rookie Connor Cook.

* Seahawks Over Lions: The Lions had a good season up until the fact they lost three straight against playoff teams to end the season. In fact, the Lions are 0-5 against playoff teams. That's a grim sign. Seahawks win at home.

* Steelers Over Dolphins: Sure the Dolphins beat the Steelers earlier this season, but I don't think that's instructive of this game. The Steelers are hot right now and much better at home. Plus, you don't go against the Big Three.

* Packers Over Giants: This is the best game of the weekend, and the toughest to predict. The Packers come in having won six straight, and they're at home. I like Aaron Rodgers in this one, despite the Giants' defense and their history of thriving in the playoffs.

Divisional Round:
* Packers Over Cowboys: The Cowboys had an incredible season. They have a great team and could easily win. But I'm still betting on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

* Falcons Over Seahawks: The Falcons arguably should have beaten the Seahawks in Seattle earlier this season. They are a good home team, and the Seahawks struggle on the road. Not to mention, Seattle isn't the same without Earl Thomas.

* Patriots Over Texans: If the Patriots want to make this a game, they should start Jimmy Garapolo. Otherwise, the Texans are no match for the Patriots.

* Steelers Over Chiefs: Kansas City had a good season, and they have an interesting and explosive team. But I think the Steelers are better.

Championship Round:
* Packers Over Falcons: This is a tough one. I think the Falcons have a good offense, and the Packers' defense has struggled at times. But I'm a believe in Rodgers.

* Steelers Over Patriots: It's easy to write Patriots here and be done with it. And I think the Patriots are a Super Bowl level team. But I like the big three, I like the way the Steelers are playing, and I think they can get it done.

Super Bowl:
* Steelers Over Packers: Bret Farve predicted the Packers would win the Super Bowl. Maybe they will. But I like Le'Veon Bell, Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger more. So I'm going with the Steelers.


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