Divisional Round Thoughts

Well, that's more like it. After a Wild Card weekend that yielded four games that were busts, all four of the divisional games were more competitive. And, all four of the winners went as I predicted, setting up two interesting championship games.

Below are some thoughts on these games.

* Green Bay and Pittsburgh are hot, and so are their kickers. Mason Crosby got the Packers into the NFC title game thanks to a pair of 50-plus yard field goals in the last minute of the game. The Steelers, meanwhile, made six field goals, which was enough to get the win.

* Experience matters. The Falcons might not have much playoff experience, but in the case of three of these games, the more seasoned playoff team got it done.

* Le'Veon Bell is the man. He ran for 170 yards on Sunday night, after going for 167 in the Wild Card round.

* The AFC continues to be dominated by premier passers. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger. That's the list, for the most part, of quarterbacks who've represented the AFC in the Super Bowl the past decade.

* We're getting two great games. The Falcons and Packers player earlier this season, and it was the offensive shoot out we've all yearned for. Sunday should be more of the same. While Steelers-Patriots is the premier match up for the AFC.


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