Golden Globes Reactions

The Golden Globe nominations were released on Monday and, as always, there were plenty of snubs and surprises. Below are a few reactions.

* Streaming Series Dominating — out of the 10 shows nominated for best series (five drama, five comedy) only two air on traditional networks. One airs on cable and three on premium cable, specifically HBO. The other four? Streaming series. Netflix earned two drama series nominations, while Amazon nabbed two in the comedy field. These streaming series are becoming more prevalent, and are gaining more traction.

* Stranger Things makes the field — Only five shows were nominated for best drama, and "Stranger Things" was among them. The show developed a hot cult following after its July release, but that doesn't always guarantee recognition. This time it did.

* Deadpool nominated for Best Comedy — The Golden Globes, because it has a Best Musical/Comedy category, frequently draws films that won't be Academy Award nominees. "Deadpool" is one of those. But it's also a sign of how the film latched on to audiences, and even critics, with a brash comedic style that helped it stand out from other superhero movies.

* The Americans gets little love — Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell got acting nominations, thankfully, but this clearly should have been in the Best Drama field.

* No love for Bosch — This is the little streaming series that could, but it's become one of my favorite shows. Amazon has broken in for its comedies, now it just needs to find a way to get some drama recognition.

* No love for Jon Snow — Kit Harrington had a hell of a season, and he deserved to be nominated for it. "Game of Thrones" had its best year ever, and Harrington is a huge part of that.

* No love for Millie Bobbie Brown — It's great that "Stranger Things" got nominated as a series, and that Winona Ryder got some love, but Brown was the best thing in the show.

* Silicon Valley left out — With all apologies to "VEEP," the best comedy on HBO in 2016 was "Silicon Valley." It won at the Critics' Choice but somehow didn't make the field at the Golden Globes? Madness.


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