2016 Season, Pro Bowl Round Up

The Broncos got the word yesterday that three players, all defenders, were named to the Pro Bowl roster. A fourth, Darian Stewart, is the first alternate, and could well find himself in the game.

The Pro Bowl is a fairly meaningless game, but it's an honor to be named. It's a mark that you've stood out and been recognized by peers and fans. It's a mark of the success of your team. So seeing that three from the Broncos qualified is great, but also a sign of why this team is 8-6 and close to missing the playoffs.

Of the three named, they're all defenders. Von Miller, ace linebacker and Super Bowl 50 MVP, and cornerbacks Aqib Talib and Chris Harris, Jr., were the players named. All are deserving and among the best at their position. If Stewart gets in, that would be great, too, and an indication that the No Fly Zone is still going strong as three of four starters would be included.

The fact no offensive players were named, or really even considered, is also telling. Now, it's possible a Demaryius Thomas or Emmanuel Sanders could make it as an alternate, but that's no lock. I've seen some argue that Thomas and/or Sanders were snubbed. Both have had decent seasons, but it's hard to make the case either was snubbed, especially given the Broncos' offensive woes.

Similarly, there are no other offensive position players you'd consider in the discussion, Trevor Siemian has been fine, but not elite, and the offensive line and running game have been poor. That's been the difference between this team easily qualifying for the playoffs and looking at possibly missing them entirely.

The Broncos still have a good core of players, but there is work to be done. And with Talib possibly gone after this season, the Broncos can't rely on an all-world defense to keep saving them beyond 2016.


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