2016 Broncos Season — Week 16

The Broncos' 2016 Post-Season hopes came crashing down on Sunday with a 33-10 loss to the Chiefs.

Week 16: Kansas City Chiefs 33, Broncos 10
Season Record: 8-7 (4-3 Home)
Key Play: In the first quarter, Tyreek Hill took an end around 70 yards for a touchdown. That made the score 14-0. It would be 21-7 by the end of the first quarter and the Broncos never recovered.

Recap: The 2016 season practically came to a crashing halt on Sunday night as the Broncos gave their fans lumps of coal in the stocking with a 33-10 loss. The loss officially eliminated the defending champs from the Post-Season. What is there to say other than it was a disappointing season and the Broncos are a team with plenty of holes to fill. This ends a streak of five straight division titles and two Super Bowl berths the past four seasons. The Broncos have been the top seed in the AFC playoffs three of the last four years, too. So this is far short of the goal they set for themselves, and the fans have been quick to let the team know it. We've been spoiled in John Elway's time as general manager, but all good things must come to an end. This streak has ended, but I have faith that with a good off-season, the team can begin a new streak in 2017. We have the core locked up, now it's just time to put all the pieces in place.

Game Balls:
* Justin Simmons. The Rookie has had a fine 2016 campaign. He helped with the Saints' game on Special Teams and in Sunday's game, starting in place of the injured TJ Ward, he came up with a big interception that helped keep the Broncos in it early.
* Devontae Booker. The rookie has been inconsistent, and he did fumble at the tail end of the game last night. But he also looked powerful as a runner, getting 27 yards on five carries and catching six passes for 44 yards to lead the team.

Lingering Questions:
* Quarterback. Trevor Siemian has taken too much blame for the Broncos' problems, but he wasn't good last night. Now there's rumors Paxton Lynch will start against the Raiders next week. It's good to give Lynch a look, but it's hard not to wonder what the long-term answer here is.
* Offensive Line. Ours is poor and must be a serious point of emphasis this off-season. Donald Stephenson and Ty Sambraillo aren't the answers, and Russell Okung may not be, either.
* Team division. There isn't a lot of unity on this squad right now. That has to change, and that might mean it's time for Kubiak to step up or step down. I like Kubs, but he let this team get out of control at the end. That's not the mark of a strong leader, and the Broncos need a strong leader.


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