2016 Broncos Season, Week 15

It's not over, but the window is getting pretty small.

Week 15: Patriots 16, Broncos 3
Season Record: 8-6 (4-3 home)
Key Play: In the first quarter, after forcing a three and out by the Patriots, Broncos' punter Jordan Norwood muffed the punt, giving it back to the Patriots, who got a field goal to go up 3-0. The Broncos never recovered.

Recap: Sunday was a demoralizing and ugly game. The Broncos turned the ball over too much and had little spark. The defense was OK, but there just wasn't enough fire for the Broncos. At least on the field. In the locker room, well that was a different story, and not a good one. The Broncos have two games left — at Kansas City and home to the Raiders. If they win out and catch some luck, there's a chance. At this point, that's all we have to cling on to. The Broncos have struggled this year and clearly aren't the team that won Super Bowl 50.

Game Balls:
* Corey Nelson and Todd Davis. There were questions all week about the middle linebacking spot, but Nelson filled in admirably for Brandon Marshall and Davis gutted through it all. Each had 13 tackles, seven solo.
*Trevor Siemian. He threw a costly interception, sure, but he did all he could to try and help the Broncos win. He was 25-for-40 for 282 yards. It's not his fault this team can't win.

Lingering Concerns:
* Offensive Line. We have a poor line, and poor line play. It's a problem.
* Running Game. We don't have one. That keeps holding this offense back.
* Special Teams. It hasn't been special of late. Norwood is officially done as a returner, or should be.
* Tough Schedule. We have lost to both the Chiefs and Raiders already this season. We can, and should do better.


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