"The Lord is gracious and righteous; our God is full of compassion. The Lord protects the unwary; when I was brought low, he saved me." — Psalm 116:5-6

Thanksgiving is a time when we stop and remember what we're grateful for. Truth be told, we should do it more often. But luckily we have this day, part of a week, really, that's set aside to help us shift our focus. So many in our country and in our world don't have a lot to celebrate today. Those of us that do have even more responsibility to pause and give thanks.

I remember this time last year. My father had just finished a major heat procedure, and we were just grateful he was still with us. I look at where we are a year later, and it's amazing how the Lord has blessed our family. That, alone, is worthy of Thanksgiving and praise. But it's really just the tip of the iceberg.

I'm grateful for my wife, Lindsay. She's a partner to go through all of life's journeys — both the highs and lows. I'm grateful to have her in my life every day, and for the journey we've shared over these past five plus years.

I'm grateful for my family. Not everyone has a good relationship with their family, let alone gets to see them. I am thankful for my Thursday lunches with my mom and nephew, James, and that we're all part of the same worshipping community. I'm thankful to be with them on this day.

I'm grateful for my job and my church family at First Pres. It's unlike any place I've worked or worshipped. I love my team and co-workers, and I love the opportunity it affords me to be a part of God's mission in this world.

I'm grateful for my friends and small group. We have fun together and have shared life together — both good times and bad — for the past four years. It's a special bond, and I'm grateful God has put them in our life. I'm grateful to be able to celebrate today with two of those friends.

I'm grateful for the Broncos' Super Bowl win. That may seem shallow, but sports are an incredible passion of mine. I remember the first time the Broncos won when I was in high school. It had been over a decade since then when they went on their magical run in January and February. It was something unexpected and euphoric, and I'm grateful I got to share it with good friends, my Dad and Lindsay, the Broncos' newest super fan.

I'm grateful for our trips this year. It was wonderful to hit the open road for 10 days this summer and explore places and states we'd never been. I was probably the happiest person in the world to get to see Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota and Wyoming. It was a wonderful week and a half with my best friend. Equally as great was the five days we spent in California at Disneyland. The park itself was wonderful, but it was the time spent with Lindsay's family that made it special.

I'm grateful for my friend John, and the beautiful example of faith during hard times that he has been this year. He and his wife, Amy, suffered a tremendous loss. It was heart-breaking for them and those who know them. But the beautiful testimony he shared through that experience was inspiring and moving. I'm grateful to know him and to call him a friend.

I hope that this Thanksgiving you have time to reflect and give thanks for all God has provided you this year. Happy Thanksgiving.


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