2016 Broncos Season, Week 10

The Broncos faced the Raiders with first place on the line Sunday. We're still waiting for them to show up....

Week 10: Oakland Raiders 30, Broncos 20
Season Record: 6-3 (4-1 Home)
Key Play: In the second quarter, leading 13-7, Raiders faced third and one at their own 34 yard line. Latavius Murray took the handoff and went 42 yards to the Broncos' 24-yard-line. Murray scored a touchdown from a yard out a few plays later to make it 20-7 in favor of the Raiders, who never trailed.

Recap: The Broncos hit a buzz saw in Oakland on Sunday night, a place they haven't lost since 2010. And, of course, the Raiders haven't played a meaningful game in more than a decade either — let alone one with first place on the line — so it was a historic night for them, too. It doesn't seem like this is a passing of the guard, but it is a sign the Broncos haven't faced this much serious competition for a division title or the playoffs in years. And it's also a sign that the Broncos have some real problems and will need to improve considerably to be competitive in the playoffs — or even just to make the playoffs. The Broncos still have another game with these Raiders, two with the Chiefs and one with the Patriots before the season is over. Pair those with a game in New Orleans and road games in Jacksonville and Tennessee, and this team doesn't have a cake walk to the playoffs. I figure it will take at least 10 wins to go from the AFC, maybe 11. That means the Broncos need to win 4-5 more games on that schedule. It's doable, but it won't be easy. And with a 1-2 record in the AFC West now, the tiebreakers aren't currently breaking their way either.

Game Balls:
* Kapri Bibbs. Bibbs looked strong in limited touches Sunday. He carried twice for 11 yards, but got a swing pass which he took for 69 yards and a touchdown. He could play a role moving forward.
* Jordan Norwood. Norwood continues to have value to the Broncos, catching two passes for 56 yards including a 36-yard touchdown strike.

Lingering Questions:
* Injuries. The Broncos' defense struggled Sunday, in part because of missing pieces. Aqib Talib is out again in week 10, and Derek Wolfe broke his arm and will miss time. Brandon Marshall might miss more time and Kayvon Webster is still dealing with a Hamstring Injury. In short, injuries are piling up and the Broncos depth pieces haven't been good enough.
* Offensive Line. Between penalties and ineffectiveness, our line has smothered the offensive flow. We can't open enough holes to run and we're not protecting well in the passing game. As the line goes, so goes the offense. Right now that's not been good.
* Trevor Siemian. He was probably never the long-term answer, but is it time to start thinking about Lynch? I think it might be after another mediocre performance.


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