Welcome to Rio

The 2016 Summer Olympics opened on Friday. After the first weekend of competition, it's time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of the games so far.

The Good:
* The U.S. leads in the medal count. This isn't a huge surprise, but it's always nice. We started strong, winning the first gold medal of the games is target shooting no less.
* Swimmers are getting the U.S. going. Michael Phelps won his 19th Gold Medal last night in the Men's 4x100 relay, looking like the Phelps of old. That's always exciting. But Americans have been tearing it up in the pool so far. The best has been Katie Ledecky, who straight dominated the 400 meter freestyle event Sunday night.
* Big things coming from gymnastics. In 2012, the Men's team struggled after a great qualifying round. They again qualified well and we'll see beginning tonight if they have what it takes in 2016. The women, meanwhile, are the favorites, and they showed why during Sunday's qualifying. I see big things from Team USA.

The Bad:
* The opening ceremonies. The ratings were down, and for good reason. It was overly long and overly absurd. Not sure what they were going for, but that felt like a miss.
* The conditions in Rio. Weather is a factor in many venues (including diving, which is open air), but so, too, are the other conditions. It continues to be a story, and a negative one.
* The TV Coverage. Time delaying the prime time events makes sense in theory and in terms of ratings. In reality, it blows. I hate being 1-2 hours behind the East Coast. It practically ruins every event unless you stay away from the Internet. That's not realistic in 2016.

The Ugly:
* USA basketball games. Both the men and women have destroyed the competition so far. It kind of makes you wonder if we should change our philosophy for the games. Sure, we want to win. But does it have to be by 50 every game?


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