Summer TV Roundup, Week 11

We're coasting toward the Summer Olympics, so many new series are wrapping up. But there's still fresh content out there. In these weekly posts I look at the pilot and second episode of new shows.

Streaming Series:
Last Chance U, Now streaming on Netflix (premiered July 29)
About: This latest series to drop on Netflix is a documentary series. It features the football program at East Mississippi Community College. It's considered a haven for those who have potential to reach the NFL but need help. EMCC takes players that need to get their grades in shape, or need time on the field, and gives them an outlet to be seen by major college programs. They're housed in a tiny Mississippi town of less than 1,000, and they've become a junior college power house, winning four national championships. The series chronicles the players and coaches vying for the 2015 season title. The six-episode series features interviews and game footage, taking you behind the scenes to meet the players, hear their stories, and see how the staff and coaches at EMCC help them succeed on and off the field. I've watched the first five and half episodes, and I've been fascinated with this series. It's a look at a level of football we don't usually see, and it's interesting to see these players balance demands on their time, their academic future, and their future on the field. If you're a fan of football, or just like interesting stories about athletes, this is well worth checking out.
Pilot Grade: B-
Second Episode: B


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