Sharknado — The Fourth Awakens

Four years ago, SyFy delivered one of its typically cheesy monster movies, "Sharknado." The basic premise was that a tornado developed on the Pacific coast, scooping up sharks and wreaking havoc in Los Angeles.

It starred Ian Ziering, of "Beverly Hills 90210," and Tara Reid. It was cheesy, but fun in its own way. It was completely ridiculous, but a great time, too. But I'm sure at the time that was all that SyFy expected. But a funny thing happened. The movie found the right cultural nerve and it blew up on Twitter.

Suddenly, a typical SyFy film had ballooned into something else, something unexpected. A phenomenon was born.

The following summer we got "Sharknado 2." Last summer it was "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No," which consequently was how I was starting to feel about the yearly episodes of this once fun franchise. Sunday, we got "Sharknado: The 4th Awakens." Yes, it was a parody of "Star Wars," and about a dozen other movies. It was also a parody of something worth our time watching.

The numbers aren't in yet — and SyFy has already hinted at "Sharknado 5" — but I'm hoping that the madness will soon end. Last night was a pitiful display of scripted fare, even for this genre. Here's a couple reasons why.

* At one point on Sunday night I reflected on the fact I was watching a movie starring David Hasselhoff, Gary Busey and Tara Reid... in 2016... on purpose. It set back the craft of acting 100 years.

* They have no clever or interesting ideas anymore. The entire two hours was recycled plots, rip offs of other, better, movies and oddly placed celebrity cameos.

* It's become a giant marketing scheme. In fact, "Sharknado 4" actually spent time promoting another SyFy film franchise with an embedded cameo from Steve Guttenberg. You read that last sentence right and, yes, it is still 2016.

* The fan frenzy is gone. Last night I posted a few times on Social Media about "Sharknado" and got little in response. This is a far cry from the summer of 2013, when the movie lit up Twitter. It's time to let this series rest in peace.


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