Road Tripping America

Lindsay and I frequently get inspired by movies. This past week we've been on a road trip across a swath of America that we'd never seen. And it all started last summer when we marathoned the "Vacation" movies and started talking about going on a road trip.

So we started talking about where to go — of course planning for it to end up better than it usually does for the Griswolds. Lindsay and I were born and raised in California. Since movie to Colorado in 2012, we've taken road trips back to California. But we'd never explored other areas around us.

That changed last Saturday. We headed east and are in the midst of a grand loop that's taking us through seven states in 10 days. It's been a magical trip so far. We've driven through Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota. Today we'll go through Wyoming on our way back to Colorado. Here's a few of the highlights so far.

1. We're visiting 5-6 new states. I had never been in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, South Dakota or Wyoming, so those are all new states for me. Lindsay had never been to Minnesota. Half the fun of the road trip is seeing the little highways and byways of the states. Lindsay is now in love with Ivanhoe, Minnesota, population 527, location — the middle of no where. But I see the appeal.

2. Mount Rushmore. This was something I wanted to see and it didn't disappoint. It was a cold rainy day when we went yesterday, but it was still impressive. There's something that feels right about seeing this iconic American landmark on Fourth of July Weekend.

3. The little town on the prairie. De Smet, South Dakota was home to the homestead where Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family settled. It was fun to explore the working homestead and see this little jewel on the plains.

4. Mall of America. I had been before for a couple hours, but getting to spend some time exploring the mall with Lindsay was great.

5. The little Swedish Town in Kansas. Lindeborg, Kansas is worth a visit if you get a chance. We staying in a great bed and breakfast and walked the town, even though it was hot and humid. It was a fun exploration to start out trip.

No matter where you go, it's great to get out and explore America.


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