A Wide Open Future

"Tell her I'm canceling the lunch with Catherine that was supposed to prove there's nothing more important than Catherine because something more important than Catherine has come up." - Selina Meyer, "VEEP"

HBO's biggest show on the air right now, by far, is "Game of Thrones." It wrapped up a fantastic sixth season on Sunday, June 26. But that was just part of a night of finales. Another series, "VEEP," wrapped up its fifth season in a fun and surprising fashion.

"VEEP" flies under the radar a bit. It's not the most celebrated or highly rated series, even for HBO. But it is one of the funniest and most clever series. It follows Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss), who began the series as the Vice President, worked her way up to President, then ended up in a tie in a re-election bid to close last season.

It left a lot of questions about where this season would go. And the fifth season, while not producing any singular stand out episodes, was a fascinating journey. Selina and her team (including great character actors Kevin Dunn, Tony Hale, Gary Walsh, Gary Cole, and Anna Clumsky) tried to get her back on top and failed, miserably.

Yet there was always this feeling in the back of my mind that she would end up back in the White House, or at least as Vice President. But the show went a different way, and it was even more fascinating. Selina lost her bid and, by the end of the season, found herself out of a job and out of the White House.

It was a bold and daring move for the show, and one that sets up any number of interesting possibilities for the future. I don't know where it's going, but I'm certainly enjoying the ride. If only our real political landscape was this entertaining.


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