2016 Broncos Season, A Bronco for Life

"I'm super happy and excited to be back with my teammates for the next six years. This is something I really wanted-to stay with the Denver Broncos. I am so appreciative and grateful for this opportunity. I want to thank Mr. [Pat] Bowlen, Joe Ellis, John Elway and Coach [Gary] Kubiak for making this possible. I'm also thankful for the way my teammates and our fans have supported me. I'm excited for the future and ready to get back to work." - Von Miller, Denver Broncos

Broncos fans, our long national nightmare is over. On Friday afternoon, just about an hour before the deadline, the Broncos and Miller agreed on a new six year, $114 million contract. It also included $70 million guaranteed, making it the second largest deal in NFL history.

Broncos VP John Elway posted a note of excitement on Twitter. Miller posted a picture and said he wants to be a Broncos for life. All feels right in Denver again. As the team opens training camp they will be at full strength. Denver has its MVP back, and is now ready to defend.

I've seen a lot over the past few weeks about Miller and where he ranks. In the NFL's Top 100 players, Miller was No. 15. The Raiders' Khalil Mack, Panthers' Josh Norman and Texans' J.J. Watt were all ahead of him. So, too, were quarterbacks Tom Brady and Cam Newton. But none of them got rings last year.

In fact, Von wreaked havoc on Brady and Newton, making them look pedestrian in the biggest games of the season last year. I think he's not only the best player on the Broncos but, arguably, the best defensive player in the league right now.

Which is why the deal had to get done.

The Broncos' offense will be OK. It might even be improved (it's hard to imagine it being worse). I think C.J. Anderson is primed for a good year, and Demaryius Thomas will be better this year. I also believe that Mark Sanchez can be a competent starting quarterback, and I'm excited to see what Trevor Siemian has.

But we can be excited about that because of our defense, a defense that erases a lot of mistakes. And no one is more key to that attack than Von Miller.

With him back, and with many of our other stars back, I think Denver can challenge for the No. 1 defense again. And, since defense wins championships, I think that puts us right back in the hunt for a sixth straight AFC West title and another playoff berth.

But it began with that important signing on Friday. Others might disagree, but I think the Broncos got a steal. The best defensive player in the NFL is re-signed with the Broncos, and he wants to stay there for life. We should all be grateful.


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