Part of the Plan

"The gods have a plan for us all." - Queen Margery, "Game of Thrones"

For the past two seasons, the crown and faith have been part of the central focus of "Game of Thrones." They've been called the twin pillars of the realm, and we've seen characters use -- and misuse -- both at times during the seasons.

Last year Cersei thought she could use the faith as a weapon, and it was used against her instead. We've also seen Margery attempt the same thing.

In the North, we've seen people make sacrifices to the Red God only to see themselves undone. And yet, we've also seen faith rewarded in bringing back heroes.

As there is in our lives, we've seen a lot of notes ring false from the religious leaders. The High Sparrow talks a good game, but his motivations seem far from pious. Yet he's brought people together and given them a rallying cry.

Last night we saw a character thought to be dead, The Hound, return. Gone is his armor and weapons. Instead, he had taken up with a religious group. But their leader, played by Ian McShane, seemed different. And his discussions with The Hound pointed to something different, too.

He asked what kept The Hound alive. The Hound replied that hate kept him alive. But that wasn't what the religious leader was looking for; instead he replied that God kept The Hound alive because he had a purpose he hadn't yet realized.

That, too, has been a theme of the past few seasons -- the idea of purpose. That was a question Jon Snow asked after he was raised from the dead. And it's a question we'll see The Hound and others wrestle with as the season ends with it's final three episodes.

If we're honest, it's a question we all must wrestle with, too. What is our purpose? What were we made to do? And are we doing it?

It will be interesting to see how these characters begin to answer that question as the season concludes.


  1. I have to admit that I had to scroll down without reading too much since I am over a full-season behind..but I LOVE this show. Just wrote a blog post about my 10 favorite TV shows and it was high on the list. Amazing acting and writing!

    1. Yes, an very thought-provoking and entertaining series.


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