Finals battle

The dream for the NBA, NHL and MLB each year is a championship series that goes the distance. This year in the NBA we have that, a game seven, winner takes all battle between reigning league MVP Steph Curry and the man viewed as the best player in the NBA, LeBron James.

We should all be thrilled, right? Well, maybe.

Sure, it's a game seven, but the better question is will it be a good game? Usually when a series goes the distance it's because the two evenly matched teams have fought down to the wire in every matchup. In this series, however, it's been an alternating group of blow outs. Sure, there has been a close game, but mostly it's been a series of unwatchable lopsided affairs.

Does that make it a good, evenly matched series? No, I don't think so.

The same was largely true of the Western Conference Finals. While that series also went seven games, many of them were lopsided victories. That's been true of the NBA playoffs in 2016 in general, as it's set a record for the most 20-plus point victories. That's not good, compelling playoff basketball.

That being said, I'm sure plenty of viewers will tune in for game seven. It is, after all, game seven. And there is a shot at history. No team in the NBA Finals has come back from being down 3-1 and won the series. If the Cavs do that they'll make history, and also bring a title back to Cleveland, which is as rare as a Unicorn sitting on a pot of gold.

But will it happen? Or will the Warriors win by 25 points in front of their home crowd in another lopsided affair. After all, in the Cavs' home finale they led 31-11 at the end of the first quarter...

I hope LeBron gets Cleveland it's title on Sunday night. But more importantly, I hope we get a game worthy of the kind of heavyweight championship battle that's been advertised.


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