Summer TV Roundup, Week 2

Summer is here, and so are new shows. In these weekly posts I look at the first and second episode of new scripted shows of summer. Don't see a new show listed below, check previous weeks.

Friday Nights:
Outcast, Fridays at 10 p.m. on Cinemax (Premiers June 3)
About: This is the latest new series for Cinemax, which has worked to re-shape it's image among the public in the past few years. It's also the new series from Robert Kirkman, who created "The Walking Dead." This series is based on another of his graphic novels, which focuses on a man who is drawn into the world of demon possession. The lead is Patrick Fugit, who does a good job of creating a character in the pilot. The pilot is available for free online right now ahead of its premiere. I wasn't sure what to make of this, but I loved the pilot. It was moody and stylized really well. I am not familiar with the source material, but you don't have to be in order to appreciate the storytelling in the pilot. I could see this developing into an interesting, and some what tense, series. It's especially well suited to Friday nights.
Pilot Grade: B-

Streaming Series:
Doctor Thorne, Now Streaming on Amazon Prime (Premiered May 20)
About: This is the latest series from Julian Fellows, the creator of "Downton Abbey." It's another class warfare piece set in England in the 1850s. It has a nice cast and some interesting characters. But this isn't "Downton Abbey." It doesn't feel as engrossing. All four episodes are available on Amazon Prime, but I've only gotten through two of them. So far it's kind of interesting, and seeing as it's summer I'll likely finish the series, but it was incredibly compelling, despite the pedigree. If you're expecting "Downton Abbey" the sequel, you'll be disappointed.
Pilot Grade: C+
Second Episode: C


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