Faith Rewarded

"Next time I have an idea like that, punch me in the face." — Tyrion, "Game of Thrones"

The second episode of season six of "Game of Thrones" will surely be remembered for one important thing — (Spoiler Alert) — Jon Snow lives. We knew he would, it was only a matter of time. I chronicled last week how Jon's fate was closely intertwined with the idea of hope.

What I was moved by in the second episode was the idea of faith — more specifically faith rewarded. It was something that ran as an undercurrent to many of the stories.

We got our first glimpse of Bran Stark since the end of season four. He has finally arrived at the place he felt drawn to go, and there his faith is being rewarded. He believed that making the journey was vital. That he had a role to play and would learn more there. And he is.

We, of course, moved to Sansa. Despite what he'd done, when Theon asked her to jump, she had faith in him and the plan. Now she appears on the road to safety. Her faith in Theon, and his dedication to seeing her to safety, was rewarded. She believed he could be the Theon she knew from her youth — even when he didn't. And she was proved right.

Across the sea, Arya is in the midst of suffering because of her lack of faith. Her lack of trust in the process led to her blinding and being on the street. But when she was questioned, she showed her renewed faith. And she was rewarded, welcomed back into the good graces of the faceless men.

Tyron fought his own kind of battle. With the odds stacking up against them, he knew the dragons were his best Ace card. That meant going down and freeing them. He had faith they would realize his noble intentions and would appreciate his role for them. Though it was tense and difficult, he followed through and his faith was rewarded.

And finally, we went to Castle Black. Melisandre, after seeing Stannis' army crushed, had lost faith in herself and the Lord of Light. But she had it renewed from the most unlikely source — Davos, a man who's frequently been her adversary. He showed his faith in her ability to do the impossible — including bringing back Jon Snow. And that's what happened.

The first episode was about a journey of hope. The second about faith rewarded. I'm curious to see where this all leads.


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