Five Questions GoT Season 6 needs to answer

As I type we're 20 minutes away from the sixth season of "Game of Thrones." There's a lot that could happen but before we find out what will happen, here's five questions I want to see answered in season six.

1. What happens to Jon Snow? When we left, he wasn't in great shape. In fact, he appeared to be dead. HBO tried to sell that all summer and fall. But most of us simply can't — or won't — believe it. I expect we'll get some answers.

2. Can Theon's character be redeemed? For several seasons his storyline has been pathetic. In fact, as a character, he's kind of pathetic. But did his path to redemption begin in the season five finale? Time to find out.

3. What the heck is up with Bran? He was on a mission for four seasons to get out beyond the wall. He did it then was missing from season five. Supposedly he has a part to play, but I want to see what it is.

4. What's going to happen with Army of the Dead? Jon held them off at Hardhome, but they're coming. And they're the real threat. But there are few that seem to know it. Will more join in the panic and the fighting this season?

5. Where is Daenerys? When last we saw her, the Mother of Dragons had been captured by a Dothraki hoard. That can't be great. Here's to hoping she gets back soon and finds a way to get to Westeros before  the White Walkers.


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