2016 Broncos Season — Mock Drafting

The NFL Draft is just a couple weeks away. Earlier this month I participated in the Mock Draft as the Broncos, trying to predict who the Broncos would be selected. Here's a look at the decisions I made in the two rounds we drafted.

Round 1, Pick 31: Connor Cook, QB, Michigan State University
Why: The logic here was pretty simple. The Broncos have three areas of focus for the draft -- Defensive Line, Offensive Line and quarterback. At the time of the draft, it looked like adding Colin Kaepernick was a long shot (and I think it still is). So I went based on draft flow. A lot of the first round DL and OL targets were gone. So I went with a QB, selecting Cook, who was the best available. The Denver Post wrote a piece about the Broncos nabbing Cook, calling him possibly the most "Pro Ready" of the QB prospects. In addition, Jon Gruden said he thinks Cook is the best quarterback prospect in the draft. I think he could be a good fit for the Broncos.

Round 2, Pick 63: Chris Jones, DT, Mississippi State
Why: Again, my logic is going with the best available to meet a need. Todd McShay, in his most recent mock draft, had Jones going in the first round to the Arizona Cardinals. He said that Jones might be the most physically gifted of the DT prospects. So I figured that was worth the last pick in the second round of the draft, especially since there wasn't a great OL selection in that spot. The Broncos need depth and to re-load on the defensive line, so Jones makes sense.


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