Upcoming Releases — April

We've reached April and the summer movie season is right around the corner. The summer movie season officially begins in May, so this might be considered the calm before the storm.

Friday, April 1:
God's Not Dead 2 — The first weekend in April doesn't have much going on, but the one release is this sequel to "God's Not Dead," a Christian movie that drew a strong response. It's a rich season for Christian movies, and this one looks like it could be interesting.

Friday, April 8:
Hardcore Henry — This is a movie that plays like a first-person shooter. It's handheld and shot strictly from the POV of the main character. And it's an action film. It's an ambitious project that could change filmmaking, or could be a disaster. I'm leaning toward the latter.

Boss — This is the latest from Melissa McCarthy, who plays a Martha Stewartesque mogul that ends up in jail. It focus on her triumphant comeback alongside her former assistant, played by Kristen Bell. Could be a solid comedy.

Before I Wake — Here's our first obligatory low-budget horror film of the month.

Friday, April 15:
The Jungle Book — This live-action adaptation has an impressive cast and comes from "Iron Man" director Jon Favreau. But I'm not sold yet.

Everybody Wants Some – This is a baseball-themed 1980s comedy from Richard Linklater, the man behind "Dazed and Confused." It will certainly appeal to people of a certain age.

Criminal — This film is about a criminal (Kevin Costner) who has the memories of a CIA Agent (Ryan Reynolds) implanted in his mind. Gary Oldman co-stars. Not sure what to make of this. Might be Costner trying to channel his inner Liam Neeson for an action thriller.

Barbershop: The Next Cut — Ice Cube and the crew return for more hilarious hijinks.

Friday, April 22:
The Huntsman: Winter's War — "Snow White and the Huntsman" wasn't great, but this one — a prequel that ditches Snow White — might be better. It's got a good cast — Jessica Chastain and Emily Blunt join Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron — and the trailer looks interesting. This is my pick for the gem of April.

Compadres — This action comedy starring Kevin Pollack is sliding under the radar a bit. Not sure what to make of it.

Friday, April 29:
Keanu — This comedy comes from Key and Peele and centers on a baby kitten. What's not to love.

Ratchet and Clank — This is the latest animated feature, giving some family-friendly options to movie goers. It's set in the future and features robots and futuristic fighters.

The Green Room — This is a thriller starring Patrick Stewart that's also sliding a bit under the radar. Hard to get a feel for the film based on early marketing.

Mother's Day — Director Garry Marshall has made a string of films set on holidays — "New Year's Eve," "Valentine's Day" — and now Mother's Day gets this treatment. The film stars Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, and Kate Hudson, among others.


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