Academy Award Preview — Room

I continue my Academy Award previews today with another Best Picture nominee.

Starring: Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, and Joan Allen
Total Nominations: 4
Nominated For: Best Picture, Best Actress (Brie Larson), Best Director (Lenny Abrahamson), Best Adapted Screenplay (Emma Donoghue)
About: "Room" was a mild surprise inclusion in the Best Picture race, and is somewhat a long shot in that category. However, it's one of the Best Picture nominees that will likely come away with at least one award. It's a devastating story, based on the novel from Donoghue, about a woman who was kidnapped, held in captivity, tried to protect the child that resulted from her assault, and eventually escapes. It's really two stories. The first half is a story about how she and her son survive in captivity. The second half is how they adjust to the world. It is a beautifully told story, and it's well acted. Which is where the awards come in. Abrahamson is a long-shot, too, to win as director, and "Room" likely won't win Best Picture. But Donoghue has a decent shot at the Adapted Screenplay award, which feels wide open. But Larson comes into the Academy Awards as a favorite to win Best Actress. She is not only the favorite among odds makers, she's my pick, too. There were some great performances this year, but I think Larson should be the winner. She makes the movie, she's incredible in it, and it's unlike the parts she's had before. I think, in the end, that's likely the only award that the film wins, but it's a big one and it's deserved.
Rating: R for language.
Verdict: Four stars out of four.
Where to See It: "Room" is now playing nationwide.


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