NFL Playoff Predictions

The NFL Playoffs begin tomorrow. I'll have specific, more detailed predictions for Wild Card weekend tomorrow, but today I thought I'd begin by making my predictions all the way through the Super Bowl. As you can tell by the picture, I'm going with a homer pick. But, hey, they are the No. 1 seed.

No. 1 — Carolina Panthers
No. 2 — Arizona Cardinals
No. 3 — Minnesota Vikings
No. 4 — Washington Redskins
No. 5 — Green Bay Packers
No. 6 — Seattle Seahawks

Wild Card Weekend:
Seahawks over the Vikings — The Vikings are probably a year away from making a real playoff run.
Redskins over Packers — Never would have thought this three months ago.

Division Round:
Panthers over Seahawks — This is a tough one, but it feels like Carolina's year.
Cardinals over Redskins — A chalk pick, but I can't see Washington winning here.

NFC Championship:
Panthers over Cardinals — I could see this going either way, but I'm going with Carolina. It feels like their year.

No. 1 — Denver Broncos
No. 2 — New England Patriots
No. 3 — Cincinnati Bengals
No. 4 — Houston Texans
No. 5 — Kansas City Chiefs
No. 6 — Pittsburgh Steelers

Wild Card Weekend:
Chiefs over Texans — The 10 game winning streak moves to 11.
Steelers over Bengals — Hardest decision of the first weekend.

Divisional Round:
Patriots over Chiefs — Banged up Pats still get it done.
Broncos over Steelers — I believe.

AFC Championship:
Broncos over Patriots — I feel like this is the last shot for Peyton Manning.

Super Bowl:
Broncos over Panthers — This is a pick of the heart.


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