Divisional Round Playoff Picks

We've reached the second round of the playoffs, and there's some choice match ups. Below are my predictions for each.

Saturday Games:
No. 2 New England Patriots over No. 5 Kansas City Chiefs
About: I understand the arguments for picking the Chiefs. I even see the logic in some of them. And I'd be happy to see some new team get a shot at the title. But this is New England. This is January. And I can't really see the Patriots losing. They had a week off, they might get more weapons back, and Belichick and Brady were made for the playoffs. This will be a tight game, but I think the Patriots advance.

No. 2 Arizona Cardinals over No. 5 Green Bay Packers
About: I thought Washington would win last week, so I'm picking the Cardinals here. When the two teams met a month ago it was a blow out win for the Cardinals. I think this game will be closer, but the Cardinals are still the better team and I think they advance to the NFC Championship Game.

Sunday Games:
No. 1 Carolina Panthers over No. 6 Seattle Seahawks
About: Like the Chiefs-Patriots game, I can see the argument for the Seahawks. There is usually an upset in this round, and I haven't picked one. I think this game or the Chiefs-Patriots game is the most likely suspect. But I'm going chalk. And part of the reason is that I like the Panthers. All they've done is win. And while the Seahawks were "hot" going into the playoffs, they didn't look incredible last week. They, in fact, shouldn't have won. If Blair Walsh kicks a 27-yard field goal, we're talking about the Panthers and the Packers. So it's hard for me to imagine them winning against a tough Carolina team.

No. 1 Denver Broncos over No. 6 Pittsburgh Steelers
About: Leaving aside the fact I can't pick against my team, and this seems like a game the Broncos should win. No Antonio Brown. No DeAngelo Williams. A wounded Ben Roethlisberger. If the Broncos can't win this game at home, maybe they don't belong in the playoffs.

Last Week: 3-1


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