2015 Broncos Season, Wild Card Round

It was a relaxing week as a Broncos fan, just watching games for the fun of it. That, of course, is because the Broncos were on a bye week and didn't have to play. Instead, we got to watch the other AFC contenders play to see what the match ups will be. Below are my thoughts on both games and a preview of Denver's game.

Chiefs 30, Texans 0
Thoughts: The Chiefs extended their winning streak to 11 games and advanced. Kansas City is a good team that's played well of late. But I'm not sure they're as good as that score. The Chiefs' defense and special teams was incredible, their offense was pedestrian, and the Texans probably weren't really a playoff team. The Chiefs were also dealt a blow as Jeremy Maclin, their best receiver, was injured and likely won't play on Saturday. The Chiefs have had a nice season, but I don't think they slip past the Patriots.

Steelers 18, Bengals 16
Thoughts: This was an ugly game in terms of behavior and injuries. That made it hard to watch. The Steelers have cried foul and played the victim in the aftermath, but they were as thuggish as the Bengals, they just won the game. But with Antonio Brown being concussed and Ben Roethlisberger suffering a shoulder injury, that could make it rough for them coming to Denver. This is still a tough team, but they're a wounded team now.

Divisional Round:
No. 6 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. No. 1 Denver Broncos
About: I think the Broncos can and should win this game. But in his three previous trips to the playoffs, Peyton Manning has been a high seed, favored at home, and lost in the first game. That plays in the back of my mind, as it does for all Broncos fans. I'll have more of a pick analysis when I do picks on Saturday, but I like Denver's chances. The Steelers are wounded at RB, WR and QB, and they have struggled all year on defense. The Broncos' defense is going good, as is their running game. That could be a good combination. Plus, the Steelers are a different team on the road. All of that could give the Broncos an advantage.


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