Winter TV Roundup, Week 5

In these weekly posts I take a look at the new shows on TV this winter. If you don't see a new show from this winter listed below, please check previous posts.

Thursday Nights:
Backstrom, Thursdays at 9 p.m. on FOX (Premiered January 22)
About: This is the latest crime show from Hart Hanson, the creator of "Bones." It's not the first attempt by Hanson to create another show in the vein of "Bones," but like "The Finder" this doesn't work. The central character is prickly, the show is more about interpersonal relationships than the case of the week. But it takes more than a formula to make a successful show. There are some good performers here — including the lead, Rainn Wilson — but I wasn't drawn to the characters or the cases in the first two episodes. There aren't a lot of likable characters here, and the cases in the first two episodes haven't been that engaging. This show is OK, but in a crowded marketplace — especially considering it's going up against CBS comedies and "Scandal" on ABC — it's hard to imagine this sticking.
Pilot Grade: C
Second Episode: C


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