NFL Picks — Super Bowl

It all comes down to this. After two weeks of talking, it's time to play for the trophy.

Super Bowl:
Seahawks over Patriots (Seahawks)
* This game won't be a blow out. Both these teams feel evenly matched, and I think this will be a struggle. In the five previous Super Bowls that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have played in, the games have been decided by less than a touchdown. That bodes well for seeing a competitive game here. Once again it's a great offense agains the great Seattle defense, and once again I think the defense has the edge. After two weeks of being dogged by the deflated balls scandal, I think the Patriots won't be as focused as they'd like, and too much has been made of the injuries to the Seattle secondary. Plus, the Seahawks seem to have some magic. I think they pull it out in the end.

Matt — 8-2
Lindsay — 4-6

Matt — 142-124
Lindsay — 132-134


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