Winter TV Roundup, Week One

In these weekly posts I will take a look at the new shows this winter. I will grade the pilot and the second episode. Let's see if we find some diamonds in the rough this winter.

Sunday Nights:
Galavant, Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC (Premiered January 4)
About: "Galavant" is the first new show out of the gate in 2015. It certainly won't be the best, but it might not be the worst, either. This is an ambitious project — it's a half hour musical comedy that's also a period piece. It features original songs and wants to have a "Monty Python" vibe. The problem here is that it feels like "Galavant" goes too middle of the road. It's a little too inappropriate to be a family or kids show — as there are plenty of sexual references — but it's not edgy enough to really hit that "Monty Python" zone. In fact, for a show like this to really work, it needs to be clever and edgy. This show isn't either. The pilot had its moments but the second episode was quite bland. (The show is airing back-to-back episodes each Sunday). This feels like a novel experiment that doesn't quite work. It's different, but it joins a long line of musicals on TV that haven't made it. The songs aren't as fun, clever, or catchy as the people making the show want them to be. The cast is fine, but no one stands out. There is really no compelling reason to tune in each week, which is a problem.
Pilot Grade: C
Seconds Episode: C-


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